Who Can You Really Trust?

Who can you really trust?

Hopefully, we can all think of someone. But even those people will ‘have an agenda’ when trying to help us with some of our problems.

Most of the time, they will not consciously have an agenda of course. They love us after all and want the best for us. Yet they will have opinions and values through which they will view our predicament.

As important as those opinions may be to us, they can also stop us from exploring more creative solutions. Plus, if the problem has been persisting for some time, they are probably sick of hearing about it too.

This is when having a coach can be a total game-changer. The top executives jumped on board with the idea first (see Oprah and Clinton for instance). But anyone can decide to make that choice.

A coach’s job is to be your supporter, your mirror, your cheerleader, your challenger, and your accountability partner. That is how you will learn to trust your own decisions and break your own glass ceiling.

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