Frequently Asked Questions

Discover if coaching suits your needs. Discuss your coaching goals, whether it’s for personal, career, or business strategy improvement. Experience my coaching style first hand in a follow-up discovery call, ensuring alignment with your objectives and timelines.

Simply ensure a quiet, private space for our Zoom call. The session is informal and designed to make you comfortable, focusing on your openness to discuss personal and professional goals.

Coaching investments vary, tailored to your specific path — be it for personal growth, leadership development, or business strategy. Receive a customised quote after our initial consultation to consider at your leisure.

Therapy addresses past issues for healing, while coaching, including life and business coaching, offers solution-focused strategies for immediate and future success. Coaching enhances resilience, performance, and professional development through proactive change.

Choose from weekly to thrice a month session, based on the program that aligns with your goals in personal development, business coaching, or career skills. We schedule regular slots in advance and put them in our diary.

I’m available from 10 AM to 9 PM. We will find a suitable time, accommodating evening sessions for those busy during the day, ensuring we can focus on your growth and strategy without interruption.

Tailored sessions focus on your immediate challenges and long-term goals, including life and career change, leadership development, or enhancing business strategy. Expect a blend of exercises, discussions, and actionable plans, with tools from various coaching disciplines.

From life coaching for personal growth to executive and business coaching for strategic insights and leadership development, I customise my approach based on your specific needs, employing a mix of business performance tools, neuroscience, and applied psychology for impactful change. So you get to design the life that you truly want!

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