Time to Spring Clean

Twice a year I have a wardrobe clear out and end up making big donations to the local charity shops. Lockdowns and 12 months of neglect later, my wardrobes are now in a state of overcrowded disarray. No matter how much I try to fold and re-arrange; they are a mess.

Will I wear those suits ever again? And why am I still holding onto those ancient shoes?

As I stared at a messy pile of jumpers, I got thinking about our belief system.

Spring cleaning the contents of our wardrobes can feel like a chore, but we eventually do it. We fill up the charity shop bags and throw away the clothes that are too old. We decide what to keep, what we no longer like or need, what is no longer in fashion.

Yet we rarely take the time to re-evaluate our values & beliefs, unless facing a big life crisis.

Some of our beliefs may have become old, no longer useful, dated. Maybe our values do not even belong to us (ex-partner random sock anyone?). Perhaps they belong to other people and preventing us from chasing our dreams…

So where do we start? Well, same as with the wardrobe, we open those doors and have a look at what is inside. Then we take stuff out and get brutally honest with ourselves.

Is that belief we hold really true or useful? and isn’t it time for those shoes to go?

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