The Price of Indecision

My client Bea* was extremely miserable in her job, yet she would not leave. Two years of daily hell (as she would say) but still not quitting.

Yes, we all seem to be holding onto painful situations way longer than necessary. Sometimes we do not have a choice, of course, bills must be paid. Other times though, we could decide to walk away, and yet we choose to stay. We stay in a job we hate; we stay in relationships that have gone wrong or friendships that have become toxic.

At first, we try to fix the situation. Then we try harder. Then, when all is lost, we keep on “flogging a dead horse”…and then some.

Why do we do it? Because we fear what is on the other side. Because we make it mean that we have failed. Because we still enjoy some parts of it…and many more reasons on top!

But, for every day that we stay, we pay a cost. After all, nothing is free.

Every day that you spend wondering if to stay or go, or whether you can change the situation, your colleagues are doubt-free, climbing up ahead. Yet, you are stuck and feeling worse every day. And Bea? Bea has a new job now and she is happy again.

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