Master Yourself To Lead Stronger


Leadership isn’t just about guiding others – it starts with mastering yourself, especially when everything around you is in flux.

My Leadership Self-Mastery programme is designed to help you thrive through change by enhancing your self-leadership skills.

This personalised program focuses on your EQ, your wellbeing and your ability to make a powerful impact as a leader.


Personal Assessment and Goals Setting

We kick off with a deep dive into your current challenges and what you aim to achieve, setting the stage for a tailored coaching experience.

Strengths Exploration

Discover and leverage your inherent strengths to enhance your leadership effectiveness – because great leaders play to their strengths.

Communication Mastery (DISC)

Learn how to adapt your communication style to connect better with your team and stakeholders, ensuring your message is always clear and impactful.

Conflict Navigation

Develop strategies to handle conflicts more effectively, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for growth and team cohesion.

Breaking Through Self-Sabotage

Identify and overcome personal bottlenecks – those habits or blind spots that hold you back from your full leadership potential.

Emotional Intelligence Development

Expand your emotional skills to manage stress, empathise with others, and lead with confidence, regardless of the business climate.

Mindset and Mental Fitness

Integrate core mental fitness practices to keep you resilient and focused, ensuring you’re mentally prepared to tackle leadership challenges.

Why This Program?

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all course. It’s a journey tailored to your needs, ensuring you not only develop but also apply key strategies in real-world scenarios. Each session is bespoke, creating a cohesive personalised path.

Duration: 5 month
1:1 Zoom Sessions: 15 sessions of 90 minutes each

What You’ll Receive:

Audio Recordings: Keep a record of every session to revisit and deepen your learning.

Ad Hoc Personality Tests: Gain insights into your strengths and areas for growth.

Homework Exercises: Practical tasks to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.

Exclusive Resources: Materials that support your journey, yours forever.

24/7 Access to Me via Voxer (similar to WhatsApp): Constant support whenever you need it, just a message away.

Standard Price: £5,000
Early Bird Offer (Invite-Only): £3,900

Payment Plans Available

This is an invite-only program tailored for leaders who are serious about mastering their own mental and emotional landscape to lead effectively through change.

It’s designed to provide not just theoretical knowledge but a profound, practical transformation that equips you with the tools to handle whatever comes your way.


Don’t miss out on this exclusive early bird offer. Book a free 30-minute consultation to see how this program can transform your leadership.

What clients have to say:

🗣️ “Since working with Monica I am more in control of my emotions and reactions. All of my relationships at work have improved and my partner is happier too.”  ~PAUL MITCHELL 

🗣️ “Monica’s approach is thoughtful, science-based, accessible, personal, and inviting. I knew straight away that I was talking to someone who was truly passionate about coaching, and I was able to relax into our sessions knowing I was in the presence of a trusted professional who knew exactly what she was doing.” ~JAYE HANNAH

🗣️ “I engaged Monica to enhance my leadership skills and executive functioning and take my career to the next level. What I experienced working with Monica was so much more and has had an incredibly positive impact on not only my career but my life in general.”  ~BRENDAN JOHNS 

🗣️ “It can be very intimidating to expose your vulnerabilities to a stranger but Monica is highly trained and works with you to understand what is holding you back and how to effect change. She has a calm friendly demeanour whilst being highly professional. Working with her has completely transformed my career and I am very grateful for all the tools that she has given me to overcome my fears and excel.” ~HARPREET HYARE 

🗣️ “This program elevated so much for me and I am so grateful! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get more out of their life and career or business!” ~JOANNE RONNER-MCGINN 

🗣️ “I feel like my whole outlook on life and my mindset have been positively impacted upon by her programme. It has given me insight and resources to make me happier and less anxious. Monica’s supportive and positive style of coaching was truly inspirational.” ~KRISTEN BROWN

🗣️ “An experience I hope everyone can embark on at least once in their lifetime and a program I would invest my money on over and over again without a doubt.” ~ILARIA MORETTI 

🗣️ “One of the best decisions I ever made. Monica’s personable and compassionate coaching style set the tone for this fantastic and revolutionary experience going the extra mile and offering support beyond the scope.” ~TOM LEAVER